From Dakota to Derbyshire!

The Airstream caravan as we found it hiding out in the Black Hills, South Dakota, The Badlands!


Farewell to the Black Hills! Heading South to Galveston, Texas!

 After six weeks and a few phone calls the Airstream Caravan arrives in the UK.

Next stop Derbyshire! 


About the Airstream

The Airstream caravan is fifty years old and has been hidden away in the Black Hills, South Dakota,USA. It was orginally built in 1962 in Los Angeles, California. It has only had two owners in the last fifty years! It's a true time warp.

The first owners were Bert and Lolet Tompson of Wyoming. They bought it new and travelled across the states of America and Canada, even taking it up to Alaska. They attended many of the legendary 'Wally Byam Caravan meets' in the 1960s and 70s. In the late 1980s Bert and Lolet became too old to use the Airstream so it was parked up on a ranch until the Allards purchased it in 2006. David Allard and his wife used the Airstream as an outdoor getaway in their large back yard. It still had Bert's tools in it when we gained possession!

In  February 2012 during a late night surf of the internet we came across the Airstream for sale in the United States. From the photos it was apparent what a time warp this was. After a few frantic emails, we arranged for it to be towed across 4 states of America, 1500 miles to the nearest port. We were told it couldn't be done by one enthusiast! On its long journey it experienced sub zero temperatures of minus 27 and tornados in Kansas. It was then shipped over very stormy seas via Mexico, Italy and Germany to the UK. On arrival we had it towed to the area where it now resides. As a family we then began to restore it whilst enjoying it as a weekend getaway. In August 2012 we decided to restore the exterior to its former glory and it has undergone a Nuvite mirror finish polish ( A big thanks to Sam Harkness!). This is one of the shinest Airstreams for rent in the UK!

We believe Bert and Lolet would have approved!

In our Retro collection we also have an iconic classic VW Westfalia Campervan. It is a 5 Berth Helsinki Westfalia Campervan with a totally original interior.The Campervan is also available for film or photo props and promotional events for a reasonable price. This has mains hook up, 3 way fridge, dual hob and sink. Another time warp and design icon!

We can also offer a 1963 Italian Lambretta Scooter for advertising, film props and promotional events. Very cute! Contact us for prices.


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Part of the restoration included replacing over 14 ft of the roof. After 200 hours of polishing, the body work was restored to it's former glory. This is now one of the shiniest Airstream caravans for rental and will certainly get you noticed!

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